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Tips to get through the summer with your horse:

  1. Provide fresh drinking water. Make sure your horse has plenty of fresh drinking water available. A horse drinks an average of 35 liters of water a day, on hot days this can go up to 60 liters of water a day.
  2. Replenish salts and minerals. When horses sweat a lot, for example due to exertion with warm temperatures, horses lose a lot of salts and minerals. These salts and minerals are very important for a horse and therefore it is important to supplement them. Suitable supplements for this are the Isotonic, the Summer mash and the Elektrolyte plus.
  3. If possible, take precautions against itching in your horse. In the summer it is more common for horses to suffer from itching or other discomforts around the skin and coat. Try to take precautions for this that work for your horse. For example, putting on a fly blanket. We also have a skin lotion from Höveler that you can apply to dry areas (for example at the top of the tail) when the horse experiences itching.
  4. Create shadow. If your horse goes outside in the summer, make sure there is enough shade available for your horse on hot, sunny days. Trees or, for example, a shelter can be used for this. You can also put your horse(s) in the stable during the hottest part of the day and put them out in the meadow in the morning and evening (or even at night).
  5. Adjust your training rhythm. Be mindful of the heat while exercising. Give your horse plenty of rest between riding and only resume training when your horse has caught his breath. In addition, try to train as much as possible at times when the temperature is pleasant and that the horse does not train in the scorching sun.
  6. Provide cooling. Rinse your horse one extra time with water. This allows your horse to lose its heat.

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