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How will my horse and I survive the summer?

Hint 1: Make sure you and your horse/pony drink enough. Does your horse have trouble drinking extra? Then try to wet his hay or give him apple juice, so he still gets extra moisture.

Hint 2: Ensure good air flow. Put fans in the stable to give the horses / ponies some cooling. For example, stand in front of the fan between fattening 😉

Tip 3: Feed your horse/pony electrolytes to maintain a good fluid balance in the body. (PS: you can also take electrolytes yourself). Products to replenish electrolytes: Isotonicsummer mash and Electrolyte plus

Tip 4: Prevent you and your horse/pony from burning. Apply sunscreen to the white/pink nose of horses/ponies and your own body. To protect a light/white horse or pony on its body against sunburn, you can put a fly rug on it.

Tip 5: Does your horse or pony have a very thick coat due to Cushing, for example? Shave your pony/horse to help it lose its heat in the summer. After all, you won't walk in a thick sweater and ski pants yourself, will you? 😉

Hint 6: Whole hot days with lots of sun? Try to adjust your grazing schedule a bit. Put the horses/ponies outside at night, late at night or early in the morning and put them inside the stable during the hottest times of the day.

Hint 7: Take the higher temperatures into account with the intensity of your workouts. After all, you don't want your horse/pony and you to overheat. Try to train at less hot times of the day as much as possible. 

Hint 8: Does your horse/pony walk on the pasture in the summer? Then take a good look at his ration. There can be a lot of nutrients in the grass, so take a good look at what else your horse/pony eats to make sure he doesn't get too many nutrients. Request a free, no-obligation nutritional advice from us: Nutritional advice.

Hint 9:  Rinse your horse / pony in between with lukewarm / cool water and don't hesitate to keep the sprayer on your own head for cooling, hihi. Would you like to rinse your pony/horse to cool down? Make it two birds with one stone and clean it immediately with shampoo.

Hint 10: Does your horse/pony quickly itch in the summer? Try to prevent this as much as possible by keeping the skin as moist as possible in dry places, for example with skin lotion. Does your horse/pony quickly get itchy from insects? Then put a fly blanket on him.

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