Höveler Store Nieuwenhoorn

Our Höveler tradition! We will continue that. The service, attention, accessibility and being ready for the customer is our strength! Each product incorporates the knowledge and experience of Höveler, one of the leading horse feed brands in Europe. Seen through the eyes of the horse, taking into account its individual needs. Intensive consultation with nutritional experts, veterinarians, breeders, owners and riders forms the basis for an authentic and reliable product to promote the well-being of the horse. We are proud to announce that the first Höveler store in the world has opened its doors! As a horse lover you can see, feel and smell the products here while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. The store employees provide you with customized nutritional advice, explanation and the experience of Höveler, Equinova and the new care-line by Höveler!

Hopefully see you soon in the Höveler Store!

Rijksstraatweg 247b

3222 KE Hellevoetsluis (Nieuwenhoorn)

Phone: 0654758371

Opening hours:

Friday from 12:00 to 17:00

Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00

and open by appointment when it suits you!

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