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Höveler & Equinova Netherlands/Belgium is proud to have the following ambassadors:

Hello my name is Sanne Thijssen.

Ik ben 23 jaar en woon in Sevenum. Ik werk half voor de stallen van mijn vader en ben half zelfstandig ondernemer. Ik doe mee op verschillende niveaus, van het opleiden van jongere paarden op het lagere niveau tot 5 ster wedstrijden. De laatste tijd zijn m’n paarden en ik goed in vorm. Zo wonnen we laatst nog de 5 ster grote prijs van Rotterdam , de 4 ster grote prijs van Opglabbeek en 2de in de 5 ster grote prijs van Valkenswaard.

I am very happy with Höveler's sponsorship. I have noticed that at Höveler they are very friendly and have a very good service. The customer really feels like king. The advice they give is really based on the client's priorities. Care by Höveler products are also highly recommended! They are really top products that work excellently. I am very much looking forward to the collaboration.
My name is Maxime Osse and from an early age I have been active in equestrian sport. I graduated as a human physiotherapist and as an Osteopath for horses and dogs. In addition, I have my KNHS instructor diploma competitive sport level 4.

With my horse Navarro I have been in both the A cadre with the Juniors and the A cadre with the Young Riders. And I was able to achieve great results at beautiful competitions such as CHIO Rotterdam, Jumping Amsterdam, Outdoor Gelderland and many international competitions! After our Grand Prix debut, he is still enjoying his retirement.

At the moment I start with Estados in the Grand Prix and Duval's Kapri Son was reserve for the World Championship for young dressage horses as a 5-year-old.

With my own company I am involved in educating, training and competing young horses up to and including Grand Prix level. In addition, I continuously have horses for sale.

I am very happy with the support from Höveler! In addition to the great and fast service, I also notice a lot of difference in my horses since they get Höveler feed! They look nice and shiny and full and in good condition! And also for my sharper horses, Höveler has feed that matches the energy needs of these horses. These horses are now given the Relax Muesli and I notice a clear difference here too!
My name is Theo Hanzon and I run a dressage stable in Haaren in Brabant. There we train competition horses up to the Grand Prix level and we train young horses. Here, stallions are prepared for the performance test or stallion competition. We also continuously have dressage horses for sale, of all ages and levels.

We have been feeding Hoveler Horse food at my dressage stable in Haaren for several years now. I am very satisfied with the results that we have achieved since we gave this feed to the horses. The horses look nicely muscled and full and have enough energy to handle the work. In the past I sometimes had trouble getting the horses in good condition, but since Hoveler's feed this is no longer a problem.

We feed all horses Terabb-S chunks, the amount varies from half to one and a half scoops per feeding. In addition, we have the EF muesli, the amount of which varies from half to a whole scoop. For horses that need more energy than average, we still have the Active muesli. Again, the amount varies from half a scoop to a whole scoop. Horses that are sensitive to digestion are given Pur.Itan. We also feed concentrates three times a day.

For a number of horses, we also feed Equinova supplements such as magnesium for the somewhat staring and tense horses and Reformat for the young horses that are growing to help build muscle.

In addition to the good products, the service is also very good. Hoveler employees are always willing to give advice and think along. They can also put together a personal feeding plan, completely focused on the personal needs of each horse.
Hi Hi! My name is Micky Schelstraete, I am currently 18 years old & I am an ambassador of Höveler. I study Marketing & Communication bilingually but next summer I will graduate & I really want to focus fully on the horses. I think it's fantastic to be able to spend time with the horses every day & to keep them entertained and pampered! I started with Knight Rider Young Riders a few months ago. Last summer I rode European Junior Championships with him and we had team silver. I also rode European Championships in 2017, 2018 & 2019, that was with the ponies with Elin's Noncisdador.

My dream is to run my own stable in the future & to be able to train, educate and possibly sell many talented horses!

I am very happy to feed Höveler to our horses every day. We really notice that when a horse comes to our stable, he or she changes so positively in the coat, body and condition within a few weeks / months! Höveler always makes sure that every horse gets what he/she needs and what we can improve through the feed they get. We feed our horses with love Höveler & hope to do this for years to come!!

Ik ben Ilonka Kluytmans, 37 jaar en woon in Alphen samen met mijn vriend op zijn melkveebedrijf. Daar run ik een kleinschalige eventingstal en fok ik bijna ieder jaar een veulentje. Ik geef veel lessen en rijd paarden voor eigenaren.

After having ridden 2x European Championships for National Riders, I made my European Championship debut in 2019 with the seniors. Have now ridden 2x Boekelo and participate in a number of Nations Cup competitions every year. This level is always the goal when I (breed or) buy and train a young horse, that is why I am strict in the selection of my own horses and I enjoy working with talented horses every day.

Due to the corona and my (first) pregnancy, 2020 became a 'forced' competition gap year. But in the meantime, a few talented horses are eager to start again in 2021. Just like myself!!

When Dennis approached me I was surprised, my great example Ingrid Klimke has been running Höveler for years but I had never seen it in the Netherlands before. Until I delved into it and saw that it has been sold on the Dutch market for a few years now.

Dennis has done a lot of work for me because I am not an easy customer. Would like to know exactly what my horses get because I have analyzed and tried a lot in all those years together with many expert people.

For a few weeks now I have been feeding the Vollkorn-D muesli together with Reformat, X-Oil Energy, in hot weather or when sweating a lot, the Isotonic, during the Haemoferan competitions. So we made a mix of Equinova's supplements and Höveler's food.

It already feels like a member of the Höveler family because Dennis is always there for me, regularly contacts me to check how things are going and immediately answers specific questions.

I look forward to this collaboration with great confidence and I am very curious what the future will bring us!
My name is Jonna schelstraete and together with my husband and children we run a great company in Gemonde, North Brabant.

We have dressage horses of all ages in our stables, from young up-and-coming talents to older horses that perform at the highest level! We only want the very best feed for our horses and that is why we have been feeding Hoveler feed for years!

We notice that our horses are feeling well and a good ration is built up for each horse, possibly with the addition of Equinova supplements. We ask a lot of our horses, that's why we want to give them the best so that they feel good.

We are therefore very happy with the support of Hoveler!
My name is Isabella Karajkovic, I am 13 years old.

I ride internationally with my ponies Snowflake & First Hummer. My goal this year is a place in the team. With Snow I was able to ride the European Championships in Hungary last season and this was a great learning experience.

I've had a successful year with highs and lows but therefore even more motivated to blast in 2023.

I am very grateful for the support of Equinova. I really think the Reformat is indispensable for the ponies, they look really great because of this supplement!
I am Geertje Hoogendoorn, 19 years old and I live in Tilburg. In 2021 I graduated from the Johan Cruyff college in marketing & communication. Since then I have been a stable rider at Theo Hanzon, my horses are also in this stable. I train young horses up to and including Young Riders level.

Since I have been feeding my horses Höveler, they look so much better and have more stamina. One of my horses is very picky about food, but he loves Höveler's food! I feed Western Sport and EF granola. I also give Pur.Mash three times a week, which is good for digestion.
Every day my horses receive the Reformat from the Equinova supplement line. After a competition or intensive training, I also give Myoprotect as support for muscle recovery.

I also use the Care by Höveler products on a daily basis. These work great and smell great! What I like about Höveler is that the team really gives tailor-made advice and remains very involved.
Cannon! Consists of Anne, Miranda, Renee, Johan, Pien and commander Pim

Together we form a foursome at ZZ level where we end up in the Freestyle section.

Started as a joke, we experienced our first season as Kánonnen in 2019. In the meantime a very close friendship has developed and we can no longer imagine what it would be like without cake every week during the 3rd half.

Individually we are very serious about the sport in various disciplines, including dressage, jumping, instruction, judging and breeding.

The foursome try our way to push the boundaries with technically challenging choreographies and unusual music, in order to get movement in the 'usual' in sports.

Our goal is to have a lot of fun and to convey this to everyone with an original performance!

After being given the Höveler blankets as undefeated champions in 2019, a collaboration has arisen.

With its wide range, Höveler is able to support us in any of the wishes we have to enable our horses to perform optimally in all areas in which we are active.

We are proud to be part of the Höveler family!
We are Margot and Aniek from the AM_RISINGSTARRANCH in Hernen. We breed and show Quarterhorses in the Reining discipline. For several years now we have been riding at every major show throughout Europe, but of course also in the Netherlands. All shows are under the banner of the American NRHA or a European "Affiliate" of it.

We are always looking for ways to improve, including food and supplements. Through our German trainer from LQH (Grisha Lüdwig) we ended up at höveler and after having it checked by our (specialised) vet we switched with all our horses to the Western line of Höveler!! Höveler fits our philosophy like a glove, we use the supplements and feed for all our horses, from sport horses to surrogate mares and foals. Contact with the supplier is pleasant, easy and transparent.

We are extremely proud and delighted to be ambassadors of Höveler Benelux in our discipline!”

My name is Joyce Sterrenburg-Lenaerts and together with my husband Marcel Sterrenburg I run stable De Beukenvallei in Leende in Brabant. Together we train horses from young to Grand Prix. We also have our own breeding farm, which has already produced several top dressage horses and approved stallions. I am also preparing for the transition to the Grand Prix with our own approved stallion Iconic B (v. Bon Bravour), who have bred themselves. In addition, we guide students of all levels and we continuously have high-quality dressage horses for sale.

Because we are always looking for improvement in the management of our horses, we ended up at Höveler. We like that the feed is very natural and that there are many specialized options. We look at which feed fits best for each horse. Most sport horses are given the Pur.Sport, Western Sport and the Relax. For our broodmares we have the Höveler ZF-plus, this muesli has been specially developed for breeding. All horses also receive the Pur.Mash twice a week, which they really enjoy!

I'm Jaclynn Otten, 11 years old, I'm in group 8, and I live in Nieuwegein. I have been at Equestrian Center Groenraven in Houten for 5 years with great pleasure. Until two weeks ago I had two ponies a sweet C pony Dreamboy a welsh, and a German riding pony Diamonds Showtime. I rode Z2 with the 15 year old Dreamboy. And with Diamonds Showtime who is 5 years old I ride L. My dream with Showtime is to become successful with the ponies. This is what we will work hard for.

In the last quarter of 2022 I came into contact with Höveler's supplements, and started feeding them after several positive feedback about this. What I like about Höveler is that the team gives really tailored advice and is very involved, so you know exactly what you should and shouldn't feed.
I am Jette de Jong, an 18-year-old international dressage rider for Belgium. I have been fanatically involved with horses from an early age. I started riding internationally when I was 13 and when I was 14 I rode my first European Championship. I have now ridden 5 European Championships with top 10 places. I am 4 times Belgian Champion, I was 3rd in the world ranking in 2022 and I have won great international competitions. The coolest thing I ever got to do was ride along at the CHIO Aachen in the CDIYR. This was with our home-bred horses Indini and Heavenly Charming. I still have several young horses with which I will hopefully be able to ride great competitions, my dream is to work in the horses later with my own stable. But first finish my studies in Biomedical Laboratory Technology.

I am very grateful that I can feed Höveler to my horses every day, the horses really like it and we really notice positive progress. The customized feeding schedules for each horse are really so nice! This way every horse gets exactly what it needs from us and we really notice that that only works well!

That's why I'm a big fan of Höveler!
If you are interested or if you wish to sponsor your event, please contact us.

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