General nutrition tips

Tips and hacks from Höveler to get through the winter more easily! Movement outside of riding: Try to give your horse as much free movement as possible where possible. Put him in the meadow or in a paddock, are you afraid that your horse will run crazy? Then lay down hay or give his breakfast […]

Many horses are on the meadow during the summer period, the grass already contains a lot of nutrients, so it can sometimes be better to adjust the ration around it. Then you prevent your horse from getting too many nutrients and therefore becoming too fat. An ideal product for this is the Summer muesli. […]

In winter, many horses are kept indoors longer and hardly any grass grows in the meadow. As a result, many horses are in the stable for longer and will have to receive regular and good roughage. But why is this regularity so important? Horses are accustomed to eating small portions of feed throughout the day […]