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General nutrition tips:

  • Always feed roughage before feeding concentrates
  • Daily feed 1%-1,5% of a horse's body weight dry matter forage (which equates to approximately 30 kg to 45 kg of fresh grass or 7.5 kg to 12 kg of hay
  • Divide portions of concentrate over several meals, a good aim is 3 times a day
  • Use only high quality power supply
  • Allow adequate rest time for the horse between each meal
  • Feed roughage that is as long as possible (long strands)
  • Have your roughage checked for nutritional values
  • Weigh your roughage to calculate the exact ration
  • When changing feed, give your horse time to get used to this feed change
  • Provide fresh drinking water at all times
  • Carry out regular manure checks

How will my horse and I survive the summer?

Hint 1: Make sure you and your horse/pony drink enough. Does your horse have trouble drinking extra? Read more…

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