Höveler horse feed – the right feed for every horse

Höveler offers the right nutrition for every horse. We have a wide range of concentrates, but also additional vitamins and minerals. We have products for basic care, breeding, sports, recreation and special needs. There is even a completely grain- and molasses-free line for horses with, for example, metabolic problems, the PURITAN line. Our range is complemented by the supplements from Equinova and the herbs from Höveler Herbs. With the Höveler Western products we can also fully meet the needs of western horses.

We can support your horse with respiratory problems, allergies, joint problems, laminitis, metabolic problems, digestive problems and dental problems. In short, a suitable solution for every horse!

Our range also includes a wide variety of delicacies/sweets for your horse. We also have something suitable for every horse for the delicacies, namely grain- and molasses-free sweets, vitamin sweets, slobber in small packaging for horses with a sensitive metabolism and ordinary Höveler candies in different flavors.


Does your horse have problems and you don't know the best way to deal with this? We are happy to advise you! A good ration is the basis for good health for your horse. We draw up tailor-made nutritional advice with the option of receiving a sample pack. We can make nutritional advice if you fill in the 'Nutrition advice' form as comprehensively as possible, or as a result of a visit to your stable.

Seasonal products

  • Original KräuterMüsli

  • Original Oldie Mix

  • Original ProBalance



The 'Outlet' heading includes products that are no longer in the range, or products with an almost expired best-before date. We offer these products with nice discounts.

  • Höveler Vitamin Plus

    10,25 Sale!
  • Musterschuler Mash

    9,25 Sale!
  • pony dinner

    9,50 Sale!