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Horses have been the animals that help us move forward for centuries, both literally and figuratively. That is why we consider it our duty to be at the forefront of improvement with perseverance and innovation, without forgetting our own tradition. Our horse feed consists of natural products, is low in sugars and starch and is made from the best natural ingredients. This gives us a head start on innovative feed concepts. In addition, Höveler was the first in this industry with a herbal muesli that still consists of 16 real natural herbs.

From this point of view, Höveler offers the right nutrition for every horse. We have a wide range of concentrates, but also additional vitamins and minerals. We have products for the basecare, breeding, sport, recreation and special needs. There is even a completely grain- and molasses-free line for horses with, for example, metabolic problems, the PURITAN line.

Our range is supplemented with the supplements from Equinova and the herbs of Hoveler Herbs. With the Höveler Western products, we can also fully meet the needs of western horses.

We can support your horse with respiratory problems, allergies, weight problems, laminitis, metabolic problems, digestive problems and dental problems.

We also have a wide range treats for horses and ponies. Our treats consist of candies (both grain- and molasses-free and candies in different flavors) and slobber packed in different sizes. We also have a grain and molasses-free version of the slobber. In short, a suitable solution for every horse!

Höveler out of love for your horse!


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