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Höveler horse feed

Höveler is Germany's first horse feed manufacturer and has been around since 1905! Höveler horse feed where quality, experience and tradition are of paramount importance.

Höveler: The complete feeding program

Prepared from the best raw materials. Forerunner of innovative feed concepts. For example, Höveler was the first in mineral feed products with the Reformin Plus, which has been the most popular mineral feed product in Germany for 50 years. In addition, Höveler was the first to market with a herbal muesli that still consists of 16 real natural herbs. There is also a completely molasses and grain-free product line of muesli, horse pellets and slobber products for horses with metabolic problems such as laminitis, cushings and allergies. Ingrid Klimke and Paul Schockemöhle preceded you and have been feeding Höveler for years!

Arnold Höveler broke the conservative hay-oat feed trend with his invention the 'reformhafer', the first patented horse feed in muesli form. Arnold Höveler's philosophy to compose the feeding program according to the latest scientific insights has been consistently maintained and further developed by current feeding experts over the past 100 years.

We find our motivation in being purely natural in terms of raw materials and the well-being of your horses.

Our experience is your certainty – Experience you can buy

Today, Höveler is one of the largest horse feed manufacturers in Europe. Horses are important life companions for many people. We owe the foundation of our company in the year 1905 to these animals and see it as our obligation to stand at the top of progress with perseverance and innovation without forgetting our own tradition. Thus, our experience is your assurance – experience, which you can buy.

Experience, on which the many top stud farms, breeding stables, competition and racing stables and since 2003 also the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR), Ingrid Klimke and the Rhineland driving squad rely. Well-trained, expert advisors are at work all over Germany who, in addition to practical information for the targeted use of feed materials, also provide various tips about general feeding of horses.

So don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your horse's needs, so that we can then buy suitable horse feed. Because the well-being of your horses is our motivation. Our natural horse food range consists of different forms of feed for horses; horse supplements, horse pellets, herbs for horses, horse muesli, grain-free horse feed and sugar-free horse feed, our range also includes products for, for example, the muscle building of a horse. Finally, we owe the establishment of our company to these beautiful animals.

Höveler: for optimal well-being of all horses

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