Winter = end of the grazing season, so regularly feed roughage

In winter, many horses are kept indoors longer and hardly any grass grows in the meadow. As a result, many horses are in the stable for longer and will have to receive regular and good roughage. But why is this regularity so important?

Horses are naturally used to taking in small portions of feed throughout the day, our advice is not to leave a horse without roughage for more than 4 hours. Unlike humans, a horse's stomach produces gastric acid continuously, no matter what and how much they eat. If a horse does not eat anything for a long time, too much stomach acid enters the stomach, which can affect the stomach wall and cause gastric mucosa inflammation. By regularly giving smaller portions of roughage, saliva is produced which counteracts stomach acid and thus protects the stomach wall. For example, by using a hay net or hay rack, the hay can easily be fed in a dosed manner.

When there is limited availability of good hay or haylage, the ration can be supplemented with a disc of the Western Alfalfa. This hay is free from additives, grain, molasses and provides essential amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals in natural form. In addition, the Senior Cobs being added. These cobs consist of hay with some linseed oil and can be fed for 20 minutes soaking in water. By the All in One muesli, your horse will receive concentrates with a very high fiber content, which stimulates chewing activity. At the same time, the All in One provides the full needs of important nutrients. The fruity and oat-free muesli is often used by sport horses for more structure in the feed and is also suitable for recreational and robust horses due to the low energy and sugar content. Another very suitable addition are the Western Puxx. The square shape allows for more chewing activity and a longer eating time. The Western Puxx do not need to be soaked in water, but can be fed directly.


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