The summer season, too many nutrients? Too few nutrients & summer eczema?

Many horses are on the meadow during the summer period, the grass already contains a lot of nutrients, so it can sometimes be better to adjust the ration around it. Then you prevent your horse from getting too many nutrients and thus becoming too fat. An ideal product for this is the summer muesli. This is an oat-free muesli and does not contain vitamins A and D3 (this is already in the grass). The summer muesli is also molasses free and contains linseed oil to provide the fatty acids the horse needs.

Not all horses are on grass in the summer, for these horses it is important to feed sufficient vitamins and minerals. How can you tell that your horse is deficient in vitamins and minerals? When a horse is deficient in vitamins and minerals, they can show lifeless or, for example, start licking sand. To supplement the vitamins and minerals in your horse, you can use the Vitalysan supplement. This is a supplement from Equinova not only contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, but also forms the basis for healthy hooves, relaxed muscles and a strong nervous system.

Another problem that occurs in horses in the summer is summer eczema. If your horse suffers from summer eczema, it can help to Pur.Itan to feed. The Pur.Itan is a grain and molasses free muesli. The Pur.Itan contains, among other things, carob and other components that are good for the skin and coat of the horse. These components reduce the itching and eczema in the horse.