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Nutritional advice

Good feed is important for a horse at all times, in addition to sufficient and good roughage, concentrates also play a major role. It does not matter whether you are a recreational rider, are active in sport, or whether you have a horse for breeding.

However, it is often difficult to make the right choice of which feed and/or supplement is best for your horse, especially if the horse has a condition. Höveler would like to help you with this choice! Because Höveler has a wide range of concentrates and Equinova supplements, we have suitable feed for every horse.

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Curious about our general nutrition tips?

A team of experienced advisors will advise and assist you in all questions concerning feeding horses. It is therefore always possible to request individual advice using the buttons above. In addition to practical information for the targeted use of our foods, this service also includes special advice about feeding horses. Take advantage of our offer and benefit from our service and request a free tailor-made nutritional advice!

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