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Healthy with your horse through the autumn and winter ;)

It gets darker earlier and cooler. There are horses that are sensitive to these weather changes and this can cause a horse to cough / suffer from his or her airways. Do you know about your horse that he or she is sensitive to this and do you want to give something to support your horse / prevent coughing? Then the kräutermüsli from Höveler a suitable product! The kräutermüsli is a muesli that consists of 16 different herbs and thus provides and supports the respiratory system. Is your horse already coughing and do you want to give something acutely to help your horse get rid of the cough as quickly as possible? Then the Broncosecrin from Equinova a suitable product for your horse. The Broncosecrin is a supplement that consists of various herbs and vitamins E and C and calms and supports the respiratory system. The Broncosecrin can also be fed as a preventative if you prefer to feed a supplement than a muesli.

The nutritional needs of older horses generally already increase, but when it gets even colder, the horse needs even more energy to keep itself warm, for example. This also increases the nutritional requirement. You can then support your horse by giving extra soaked roughage, the senior cobs from Höveler. You can also increase the daily amount of concentrates slightly. Suitable concentrates for an older horse are, for example, the Pur.senior and the oldie mix from Höveler.

During the winter season, there can also be a lot of precipitation. As a result, (non-drained) paddocks and meadows can get very wet. When a horse stands too much and too long in puddles of water or very wet mud, mug can form. How is the mug created then? When the coat and skin are wet and unable to dry, it eventually softens and allows bacteria to enter. Do you want to support your horse's coat to, for example, recover after a mug? Then enter the Keranelle, this is a supplement from Equinova with an increased content of biotin, zinc, iron and manganese and these ingredients care for and support a horse's coat and hooves. The Keranelle You can also feed as standard if your horse has a bad coat/skin or hooves. You can instead of the Keranelle also the Derma-fit feed. The Derma-fit is a herbal mixture from Höveler that supports a horse's coat in case of irritation, eczema and other coat problems.  

The weather is less thirsty and this can ensure that horses drink less. Nevertheless, a horse needs 30 to 35 liters of water per day. Do you notice that your horse drinks (too) little in the winter season? Try giving him/her lukewarm/warm water. With colder weather, they can sometimes like this more and so your horse gets enough moisture.

Have they been beautiful sunny days? But is there a lot of night frost and does your horse go out on the meadow during the day? Then make sure that your horse does not get laminitis! When the sun shines and the soil temperature is 5 degrees or higher, grass is already growing, will it freeze at night? Then the blades of grass retain a lot of sugar and when a horse ingests too many sugars, he/she can become laminitis.

Some horses can be very sensitive to weather changes and this can reduce resistance. To increase your horse's resistance, you can feed products that support the immune system. The Heamoferan is a supplement from Equinova with an increased content of vitamins and trace elements to support the immune system. Would you rather feed a chunk or muesli instead of a supplement? Then the reformin plus or the Reformin muesli from höveler suitable products for your horse. Both products contain vitamins and minerals that help support the immune system. Höveler also has a supplement, the Vitamin-plusThis supplement contains vitamins A, E, C, B1, B6 and B12 and thus also supports the horse's immune system.

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