Autumn is the season of coughing, even in horses

The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder outside and the horses are getting a winter coat. Also during the autumn there are often horses that have to cough. How did that happen?

The horse's immune system often weakens during the coat change. Cold nights, rain and wind stimulate the emergence of coughing. In addition, horses stay indoors more often from autumn. Not all horses are kept in well-ventilated stables and windows and doors often remain closed, so that the horses will suffer from the ammonia smell more quickly. These dust particles end up in the respiratory tract and cause irritations so that the immune and immune systems become weaker. Good ventilation is therefore important! Make sure that your horse does not end up in draft, that causes the same consequences.

To create a good basis, a good choice of feed is also essential. The KräuterMusli can be fed at this time of year for prevention and to support the respiratory system. This muesli is a good addition for horses with respiratory problems and for horses that rarely or never go out to pasture. The KräuterMüsli consists of 16 natural herbs that strengthen the immune system and support the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract.

When your horse is already coughing, you can cure the herbs Broncho-Fit to give. These herbs contain anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve respiratory tract irritation.

In case of persistent mucus and persistent cough, we recommend the Broncosecrin from Equinova. The Broncosecrin also contains anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it contains extra vitamins that strengthen the immune system.


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